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Granby booming

GRANBY, Colo. – Almost quietly, Granby has been one of the major boom areas in the Colorado mountains during recent years. It has annexed well more than 5,000 acres of land being reconfigured into weekend homes for those wanting a slice of “Colorado as it used to be.”

Of course, Granby as it used to be is fast changing — and some would say for the better. The Sky-Hi Daily News reports the groundbreaking for a Denver International Airport-looking building that will house a soccer field, complete with turf. Unidentified private donors funded the construction, but the land was provided by the local district.

Next up will be an indoor hockey rink, and also a recreation center.


How to remain upright

TELLURIDE, Colo. – Telluride voters this week were scheduled to vote on a $5 million capital improvements plan for the main street. While new water mains are the basic problem, some merchants and probably residents would also like to see a snowmelt system installed, the better to avoid arse-over-teakettle tumbles on the snow-turned-to-ice sidewalks.

Ruminating on decades past, Grace Herndon notes that on some winter days in the past she’d count herself lucky if she stayed right side up. Still, she sounds ambivalent about the idea of melting snow. It is part of the new Telluride that is mature, sophisticated and into every sort of visitor amenity and comfort, she says, and it seems to go against the old ski-town mantra of “think snow.”

“Telluride oldtimers, figuring shoulder-high snowpiles and slick, icy paths were all part of mountain living, used ski poles and some form of snow cleats to combat the dangers of slipping on packed snow and ice,” she says. “Those safety measures weren’t foolproof, but they did offer a measure of security,” she writes in The Telluride Watch.

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