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Having recently spent about $6 million, the hospital authorities contemplate spending $34 to $42 million more. But instead of adding hospital beds, they expect the work will be focused on improving and expanding outpatient services, reports The Aspen Times.

Town trumpets case for pot

OAK CREEK, Colo. — Oak Creek, a coal-mining town about 15 miles from Steamboat Springs, has a history of independent thinking. Several decades ago, it passed a law that insisted that locals had a right to require guns of locals, no matter what state authorities might have to say.

Now, Oak Creek is bridling against federal laws on marijuana possession. The Steamboat Pilot reports that the town board recently passed a resolution supporting the right of people to have marijuana for medical reasons.

The resolution was spurred by a case in Hayden, another bedroom community for Steamboat Springs. There, a man with cancer last year was arrested by federal agents for marijuana possession and his marijuana plants, and growing materials confiscated. The case against him was recently dismissed in federal court.

The medical marijuana issue is one of conflict between state and federal governments. Other states have similarly authorized use of marijuana for medical purposes, but the federal government has not.

Patroller remembered by colleagues

WINTER PARK, Colo. — Ski patrollers at Winter Park have been fondly remembering one of their own, Jeff Christiansen, a backcountry ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park during the off-season. He disappeared in a remote area in late July, spawning a well-publicized week-long search that culminated in the discovery that he had died after falling and suffering head wounds.

Fellow ski patrollers told the Winter Park Manifest that Christiansen, 31, a native of Minnesota, was a somewhat typical, fun-loving, outdoors-embracing guy. They plan to informally name a ski run after him and, during a trip next winter to Jackson Hole, keep him strong in their thoughts. He had, they said, embraced a "Bode Miller-style of skiing."

100 years of railroad

WHITEFISH, Mont. — It’s a summer of centennials, particularly for ski and resort towns founded as the result of western railroads. In Colorado, Granby was established 100 years ago. And in Montana, the Whitefish Pilot traces that town’s history to the arrival of railroad tracks being built to access the coal fields of Fernie, B.C.

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