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The new project will have a store operated by Orvis, the flyfishing company, as well as two hotels, one of them 80 feet tall, and 700 housing units in a variety of configurations and costs. There will be, of course, a gate to block general access.

How much is too much?

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. — The debate about "how tall is too tall and how dense is too dense" is getting underway in Steamboat Springs as the community looks to upgrade its 1970s-era base village.

The community wants more affordable housing, of course, as well as parking garages and other things that are loosely called public amenities. In turn, the developers want bigger buildings, so they can sell more real estate and hence finance these things.

Too, the community wants enough people in this housing to create a quasi-urban vitality. But the age-old question is how much density is enough – and how much is too much.

Julie Ann Woods, a planning consultant from Snowmass, urged planners in Steamboat Springs to consider using incentives, instead of regulatory minimums, to encourage developers. However, she also noted that other ski towns have required anywhere from 15 per cent to 70 per cent of their total square feet in new developments to be "affordable."

Rodman on the rebound

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. — Dennis Rodman, the former rainbow-coloured rebounding queen of professional basketball, is partially off the hook for a variety of complaints lodged against him during a recent drive across Colorado as part of a charity rally involving public figures in high-priced vehicles.

He had been accused of stealing a cowboy hat from a store in Glenwood Springs, but explained that he thought he had been given the hat in exchange for an autograph. The same excuse cannot be used for why he left only $20 on a $40 gas tab. However, an unidentified woman later paid the bill, reports the Glenwood Post Independent.

Still lingering is the charge that he whistled through Frisco at a speed of 98 mph in a zone posted for 65.

Age before Vail beauties

EAGLE COUNTY, Colo. — The greying of the ski towns and resort valleys is fully underway. In the Eagle Valley, where Vail is located, the county commissioners continue to talk about footing the bill for an assisted-living centre.