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"I would expect, just based on previous experiences, it will probably take someone getting stomped until somebody actually notices this is a problem."

Absence of wolves near Banff, where there is high human activity, allowed the elk population to balloon to several hundred. These elk, in turn, began attacking people in Banff. Elk also became a common sight at the Fairmont Banff Springs golf course.

"I think Canmore is going to be looking at a population of hundreds of elk and they’re going to cause the same problems of property damage, risk to human life, damage and kids being hospitalized as in Banff."

Canmore, a town with a permanent population of 11,000 and a part-time population of 3,000 more, has been growing rapidly but is poised to become even larger, partly owing to a major wellness resort called Three Sisters. While efforts to accommodate wildlife migrations and travel in the Bow River Valley, where Canmore and Banff are located, are among the most carefully conceived in North America, wildlife biologists say that it’s not enough. Town officials, reports the Rocky Mountain Outlook, say the provincial government needs to take more responsibility.

Pot question goes to voters

TELLURIDE, Colo. — Telluride voters in November will be determining whether local police should be directed to give their lowest priority to enforcing laws controlling the personal use of marijuana by adults. Oakland and Seattle are reported to already have such policies, and Denver voters this fall will be asked the same question.

The Telluride Watch notes that proponents say marijuana should be no more criminal than use of alcohol, and that regulation could better prevent its use by children. But opponents say that more open use would send the wrong message to children. Marveen Reagan, a counselor, said she already sees children in the community confused by the open use of marijuana by adults. "Many people use substances to fill emotional holes," she told the town council. "There are ways to fill them that are positive but filling them with alternative substances is not how we want to role model it."

Flyfishing community OKed

GRANBY, Colo. — It has been decades since Granby was really a ranch town. More recently it was a service sector for the resort areas from Winter Park to Rocky Mountain National Park and, increasingly during the last several years, it has been gaining vacation homes of its own that are geared toward residents of the Denver area, located a two-hour drive away.

Now, it’s moving toward the high end with a project called Orvis Shorefox. The town has started the process of annexing the 1,550 acres in the project, located along the Colorado River immediately west of the existing town. Developers envision a project geared to the jet-setters who like to flyfish and shoot at targets as well as the more usual activities of mountain resorts such as golfing and skiing.

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