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Mountain News: Ski towns and valleys step up energy changes



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A report in the Revelstoke Times Review made no mention of that difficulty, although the paper did say that the resort plans no work on new runs or lifts this summer, and further work on the golf course has been halted. Instead, existing real estate projects will be completed.

In mining areas, the earth just sometimes splits a gut

PARK CITY, Utah - In less than a year, two people and a dog have dropped into openings in the ground that suddenly appeared near local ski areas. But experts say the cases of mine subsidence do not appear to be directly related. "I don't think there's anything sinister about it," said Ron Ivie, the city's chief building official. Luci Malin, manager of the Utah Abandoned Mine Reclamation Program, told The Park Record that subsidence is natural in heavily mined areas, and Park City most certainly was that. Mining continued for about a century.