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Mountain News: Park City considers peak power demand



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But Peter Shelton, who writes for the Watch newspapers out of Telluride, finds the industry’s arguments stray far from the facts of the case. One of the arguments is that the regulations would be so onerous as to drive industry away.

“The truth is, of course, that the industry is going nowhere. Colorado is where the gas is,” Shelton writes. The big companies “are making enormous profits. They can afford to use best practices and technologies to protect our air and drinking water and wildlife habitat. They’d just rather not.”

The energy boom is starting to overshadow the giant resorts along the I-70 corridor. One joke is that with the downturn in resort real estate, the oil-and-gas industry workers may start buying up the real estate in the Vail and Aspen areas. If that is perhaps an overstatement, it does suggest how rapidly things have changed from five years ago, when Rifle and Parachute — now oil patch towns — were considered spare bedrooms for the resorts.