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Mountain News: Ibuprofen can help altitude effects

Medication reduced attitude sickness symptoms by 26 per cent



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Joe Ramey, a forecaster with the National Weather Service, agreed that the weather was extreme, but said he'd come to learn that every year is extreme in its own way.

Jackson officials to nudge on plastic bags

JACKSON, Wyo. — With some dissent, Jackson town officials have chosen to try the soft path of persuasion in regards to plastic bags.

At least one councilor wanted an all-out ban, and another councilor favored moving toward a nickel-a-bag fee. But majority opinion on the council, reports the Jackson Hole News&Guide, will be to use promotional materials to encourage recycling of bags or conversion to reusable bags. That's the same approach taken in an effort to limit idling of vehicles.

The council, says the newspaper, heard from only two residents. One of them objected to "people from California coming in and telling us what to do." Further, said the speaker, plastic bags are like a gun. "They never killed anybody. It's the people handling them."