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Mountain News: 'Good man' tried to fire bomb Aspen



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Vader, in 2004, had estimated that 10 of the 23 deaths in Gunnison County the prior year had been related to thin air. Pulmonary edema is relatively rare, and rarer yet is cerebral edema, in which the brain fills with fluid. Heart attacks are the most common form of altitude-related death.


Happy to be in the slow lane

CRESTED BUTTE, Colo. – Things could be worse — a lot worse. So believes Crested Butte Mayor Alan Bernholz. The town council was having a discussion about the best way to keep traffic moving slowly. By all accounts, the number of 40 mph scofflaws are few. Most people drive the posted 15 mph on Crested Butte’s streets, where pedestrians, bicycles (even in winter) and cars are all found. Some cars may even be going 18 mph to 20 mph, observed one public official. “I love this town,” Bernholz responded. “It’s nice to have a discussion about traffic calming where people are doing 18 miles per hour. It’s a great town.”