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Mountain News: 'Good man' tried to fire bomb Aspen



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“He intended to cause death and destruction, which is totally out of character,” Braudis said after reviewing the suicide notes. “It sounds like he was apologizing for mass murder that he intended here…”

“Could have done some serious damage,” Blanning said in his note. “Oh, well. Too tired. To the bone.”

He took a pistol to himself at a nature preserve three miles east of Aspen. He was 72.

“I saw the good in him, and I saw the insanity in him,” Braudis said.


Jobs are drying up

AVON, Colo. – The common joke used to be that all it took to get a job in a ski town was the ability to breathe. Just a year ago, the story was still of figuring out new ways to recruit seasonal employees.

My, how times have changed. The Vail Daily reports of four Chilean college students who thought they would spend their summer working at a ski shop in Beaver Creek. They would get to travel, learn better English, and ski. But when they arrived, there were no jobs to be had — not even the reduced hours that had been mentioned at some point.

The newspaper suggests that the plight of the four Chileans may by no means be unique. One restaurant in Avon reports up to 50 job applicants a day, many of them immigrants with J-1 (student) visas. However, not all of the immigrants come with a clear understanding that they had jobs.

Kelly Ladyga, spokeswoman for Vail Resort, said the company does its own recruiting instead of relying upon independent agencies. The ski company has hired 300 people at its five ski areas in the West.


A crazy, crazy year for slides

JACKSON, Wyo. – Ski industry, U.S. Forest Service and ski patrol associations in coming months will be examining closely the circumstances of avalanches that killed three skiers and slammed into a restaurant inside ski areas during December.

The three skiers died at Utah’s Snowbird, California’s Squaw Valley, and Wyoming’s Jackson Hole.

Other non-fatal slides have caught skiers or ski patrollers at Jackson Hole, and also California’s Mammoth and Colorado’s Arapahoe Basin and Vail ski areas.