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Carol Agle, another agent, further noted new impetus for Californians to relocate to Park City. People making $1 million a year in California get dinged by the state income tax at a 13-per-cent rate, compared to five per cent in Utah.

Further evidence of economic recovery is found in plans for redevelopment of an area called Bonanza Park. The 19-acre parcel north of downtown currently has 357 housing units and 137 businesses.

Park City's comprehensive plan envisions a denser, more urban environment in the neighbourhood, with blocks 275 feet by 325 feet, encouraging more walkability and use of buses. This design is projected to draw a diversity of residents, including millenials, or those people born between 1980 and 2000.

That plan also projects development occurring gradually, building by building, such as is commonly found in older downtowns. "The evolution of architectural design created over time will lead to an authentic, diverse district," the document says.

Owning over half the land is a development company co-owned by Mark J. Fischer and Paul DeJoria. The latter is a bearded billionaire from Texas who made his fortune in Paul Mitchell and other hair products.

Fischer tells The Park Record that he hopes to file a proposal that would make it the the first significant redevelopment in Bonanza Park by mid-June. He also speaks about more of an "upscale vision" for Bonanza Park.

Keeping ATV riders on trail

TELLURIDE, Colo. — A new agreement being formulated in three counties of the San Juan Mountains would provide expanded, but still low-key, enforcement of laws governing off-highway vehicles.

The Telluride Daily Planet reports that the ranger hired by San Miguel, San Juan, and Hinsdale counties is to enforce local ordinances plus the state law that mandates all OHVs have a state permit. The ranger is to work in the network of high-mountain passes between Telluride, Silverton and Lake City.

The program was spurred several years ago by increasing use of all-terrain and other motorized vehicles, many driven by adolescents and children, and some of whom have ventured off roads and onto delicate tundra.

Safety of drivers also remains a concern. Last year, a 14-year-old died in Ouray County while a 10-year-old died in San Juan County.

The Daily Planet explains that the ranger is instructed to educate the public, not issue tickets for violations. "The ticket part of it has to be moved into the background," said Peter McKay, a commissioner in San Juan County.

Composting toilet good for water

ASPEN, Colo. — Rio Grande Park is more or less in the middle of Aspen, sandwiched between the Roaring Fork River and the Pitkin County Courthouse. It gets high use from rugby, soccer, and others engaged in sweaty pursuits.