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Mountain News: DAM new brew has a hint of Paris café



DILLON, Colo. — A few years ago, when the Denver Art Museum, or DAM, hosted an exhibition of Van Gogh's works, it commissioned the Dillon Dam Brewery to do a special brew in commemoration.

It worked out well, so they've collaborated again. This time the brew is to celebrate a new show called Passport to Paris, a focus on French art from the late 1600s to early 1990s. But how do you capture this in something that you quaff after a day of skiing?

In a press release from the museum, Dillon Dam brewmaster Cory Foster explained that he chose to brew a type of steam beer with elements of both lagers and ales. In researching the art and artists in the show, he said he was struck by the impressionists' work depicting nature.

"I saw a lot of light, sunshine and faded blue skies in these paintings, so I immediately thought that this should be a light, yet complex, beer to represent the bright colours and deep shadows."

Foster describes his beer as a "ray of sunshine in a glass."

Indeed, the outdoors was a strong theme in the paintings, says Angelica Daneo, curator of painting and sculpture at the museum. She points to new technology, the invention of the paint tube in 1841 that allowed artists to record the ever-changing light and colours of the outdoors onto their canvases.

She adds that she would like to imagine Pissarro and Renoir enjoying this new beer while seated at an outdoor café in Montmartre.

No special regs for pit bulls

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. — In August, two loose pit bulls attacked a beagle on Hoosier Pass, located south of Breckenridge. The beagle was severely injured and a Summit County sheriff's deputy shot and killed one of the pit bulls.

Should certain breeds of dogs, presumably including pit bulls, be banned from Breckenridge, the town asked residents. The Summit Daily News reports little support. Just 193 people indicated support while 1,159 posted their thumbs down.

"There are no bad dogs really, just bad owners," one person wrote on a Facebook page. "Proactive measures are better in the long run."

New rules regulate uphillers

SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. — New rules for the uphillers in Summit County, Arapahoe Basin and Copper Mountain require guests to both acquire a hiking pass and sign a waiver before marching up those ski areas.

Breckenridge, Copper and Keystone, meanwhile, will no longer allow pets to accompany the uphillers. And those same three ski areas will limit uphillers to times outside normal operations, reports the Summit Daily News.

Luck with ice climbers

BANFF, Alberta — Lucky. That's the bottom line in this story about six ice climbers who were caught in an avalanche south of Banff. One man was buried up to his armpits, while a woman was buried upside down with only her boots showing. She wasn't breathing when retrieved from the snow, reports the Rocky Mountain Outlook, but survived.

A public safety group for the Kananaskis chided the group for not having avalanche gear, such as shovels, probes and transceivers. It wouldn't have changed this outcome, but with a different avalanche, it could have.

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