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Mountain News: Colorado dams make a Gogh of it



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Mammoth's troubles stemmed from comments made about a previously entitled real estate project at the local airport. The comments were interpreted as repudiating the development deal, and the court issued a $43 million judgment against Mammoth Lakes. That's three times the annual operating budget of the municipality.

Mammoth representatives, meanwhile, have been in demand on the lecture circuit to explain their predicament and how they're handling it. One such presentation was the Urban Land Institute conference held in Denver in October. The presentation was called Mammoth on the Brink.

The Sheet tartly notes that the community sent three community representatives to the conference. "So nice that we can provide leadership to other bankrupt communities," it said. "Now, if we could only provide leadership to our own."

How to get sidewalk scofflaws to shovel

MISSOULA, Mont. — Why build sidewalks if homeowners let them fill up with snow and ice during winter? That is the question that has been asked by the city government in Missoula.

The current policy, reports the Missoulian, is to notify people who haven't shovelled their walks. Three-quarters of people then get after it themselves. For scofflaws, the city then dispatches its own crews to scoop the snow, and then sends out a bill of at least $62. Some elected officials would like to tack on fines, to up the rate of compliance.