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School officials tell the Sky-Hi News that the new broadband network will deliver capacity for 300 megabits at the same price as was previously charged for 1.5 megabits. In other words, this is a much wider information highway.

The project was funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the stimulus funds that you have heard so much about.

Equality State kills equality proposal

JACKSON, Wyo. — Wyoming calls itself the Equality State because, in 1869, while still a territory, it approved the first law in U.S. history explicitly granting women the right to vote.

By the end of the 19th century, says Wikipedia, Idaho, Colorado and Utah had followed.

Now comes a movement in the Wyoming legislature that would extend rights to gay people, although it very carefully side-steps using the word gay, reports the Jackson Hole News&Guide. The proposed bill would have extended full legal rights to "domestic partnerships."

"It is not a gay marriage bill," Rep. Ruth Ann Petroff, a Republican from Jackson, told the newspaper. "It simply gives two people the right to enter into a contract that affords them certain rights and privileges." She and other backers said the bill would help in situations involving heterosexual relationships. "It could be any two people."

Nonetheless, the Wyoming House of Representatives killed it. "We know this is about same-sex and civil unions no matter how it's sugarcoated," said Rep. Mark Baker, a Republican from Rock Springs.