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Not yet authorized are the 1,700 homes, ski area, and golf course proposed by the Ginn Co., a Florida-based developer. The property is located south of Vail, and adjacent to a one-timing mining town, Red Cliff.

The story goes back to the late 1980s, more than a decade after zinc- and lead-mining operations in the area were suspended. A trio of lawyers began buying the properties, many of which had been purchased for back taxes by speculators. Ginn purchased the property several years ago for $35 million.

There has been some grumbling in Minturn all along by residents who fear the impacts. Already, the Main Street becomes crowded morning and night with commuters headed to homes in Leadville, 35 miles away. There is no easy way to reroute traffic in the narrow valley.

The agreement between Minturn and Red Cliff calls for new sidewalks along Main Street, a recreation centre, water-system upgrades, and a large amount of affordable housing.

Because Minturn has very few sales, town officials for years have struggled with how to make ends meet. Had Minturn not embraced the project, the landowner would have been granted the right to build at least 179 houses, plus accessory units, under Colorado law. Some believe that Red Cliff, the other adjoining town, would have cut a deal with Ginn had Minturn not done so.


Cloud-seeding finally ends

CRESTED BUTTE, Colo. – Cloud-seeding operations were suspended in late February because of the snowpack, which is consistently above 150 per cent of average in the Gunnison River Basin, and in places is 160 per cent of average. The basin has been seeded every year since 2002 by a consortium of agriculture, water, and resort organizations, explains the Crested Butte News.


Mining deal at Rico dropped

RICO, Colo. – Bolero, a giant mining company, has scrapped plans to purchase mining properties east of Rico, which his south of Telluride. The land in question has molybdenum deposits as well as gold and copper, but Bolero could not cut the necessary business deals, according to a notice filed by the company.


Mile-long tunnel is latest

CRESTED BUTTE, Colo. – Owners of 5,000 acres on a mountain adjacent to Crested Butte, the town, propose to drill an 8- by 10-foot tunnel into the mountain in order to retrieve core samples to demonstrate the extent and quality of the molybdenum deposits.