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It was a nomadic one, say archaeologists from the University of Wyoming, and this site near Kremmling — which is equidistant from Steamboat Springs, Winter Park, and Breckenridge — was rare in that it was used for several weeks.

The occupation 10,000 to 12,000 years ago occurred soon after the last major ice age ended. The people, called the Folsom, were the earliest confirmed in the Western Hemisphere (although speculation abounds of much older arrivals). Evidence of the Folsom people is rare altogether, and even more rare in mountainous areas.

Some of the larger animals of the ice age, called Pleistocene megafauna, still were around at this time. Among them was a species of bison that was 15 per cent larger than bison of today. Bones of those bison are found at the campsite.

Some of the stones at the site manufactured into weapons and tools came from a nearby quarry, but other types of rock came from near Castle Rock and Salida, both in Colorado, and the Green River Valley of Wyoming and Utah.


Presidential candidates in Park City

PARK CITY, Utah – Presidential candidates are getting to be a regular thing at Park City: Republican contender Mitt Romney owns a home there, and Rudy Giuliani was scheduled this week to press the flesh and solicit donations. One party activist predicted Mr. Giuliani would bank $500,000. Democrat Barak Obama was also scheduled to visit, says The Park Record.


Baby growing up very green

VAIL, Colo. – Avid television viewers in 2002 watched as former professional football player Ryan Sutter, by then a firefighter in Vail, met and then wooed Trista Rehn on the show called “The Bachelorette.” They married very publicly in 2003, again on national television, and then settled in to the Eagle Valley.

Mr. Sutter, it turns out, is very much into environmental preservation. Although still a firefighter, he has become certified to construct LEED buildings, and lately demonstrated some of his knowledge for a television program called “The Eco Zone Project. He also writes a column about environmental matters for the Vail Daily, and capably so.

Now, the couple have had a child, Maxwell Alston Sutter, and he is growing up in a ‘green’ crib,” reports the Vail Daily. The Sutters enlisted the help of a consultant to make sure the wee one isn’t unduly influenced by toxic chemicals in the house.