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Additional study of sediments in above-treeline lakes by Jason Neff, a biogeochemist with the University of Colorado-Boulder, found a five-fold increase in dust accumulations since the last half of the 19 th century as compared to the previous 5,000 years. He notes that the uptick in dust was concurrent with the arrival of railroads, and he further theorizes that large-scale livestock grazing created the additional dust.

Further work in support of that theory has been done by Jayne Belknap, a research ecologist for the U.S. Geological Survey who is based in Moab, Utah. She has demonstrated how desert soils disturbed by livestock grazing or other activities can be lifted by passing storms.

Flu closes Park City schools

PARK CITY, Utah - One person in the Park City area has been confirmed to have H1N1, the strain of flu now making the global rounds. However, there are probably 10 people with the virus, the Park Record reported on Monday.

None of the flu victims have needed hospitalization. However, there was enough concern that all schools were ordered closed for several days, reports The Park Record . Restaurateurs reported major losses as people stayed home. There was a run on hand-sanitizers at local stores. City officials set up a hotline.

A confirmed case of swine flu was also reported in Colorado's Eagle County. The individual, a male in his teens, was recovering in his house. Becky Larson, the epidemiologist, says the severity of the influenza is more important than the number of confirmed cases. "That's how we base our planning," she told the Vail Daily .

"If you follow basic steps to prevent the spread of illness, there is no reason not to go about your daily business," said Larson.

Jack Kemp loved Vail

VAIL, Colo. - Jack Kemp had a strong connection with Vail. Kemp, who died recently at the age of 73, had been a quarterback for the Buffalo Bills before later getting elected to Congress for nine terms. During that time, he served with Gerald Ford, who famously vacationed in Vail. In time, Kemp also had a house in Vail.

Kemp made a run for the presidency in 1988, but lost to George H.W. Bush. he did become the vice presidential candidate with Bob Dole in 1996, which lost to Bill Clinton and Al Gore.

But Kemp was secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development under the elder Bush. He had a genuine interest in educational advancement, according to reports in the New York Times and other publications. Harry Frampton, chairman of the board of the Vail Valley Foundation (and managing principal of East West Partners), told the Vail Daily that Kemp pushed the board to get more involved in educational programs.