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Writing in the Whitefish Pilot , the local fire-safe council notes that the destruction was not caused by a single-source blaze. Instead, thousands of melded fires resulted from dense forests and underbrush, dry conditions, violent weather and human carelessness.

The council was hosting a wildfire preparedness mixer that was being called "Don't Burn the Fish." The wet spring produced an abundant crop of fine fuels that, when cured by heat, could become dangerous sources for wildlife ignition this year.


By definition, extreme sports risky

BANFF, Alberta - Last winter, two snowmobilers died while high-marking on the west slope of the Canadian Rockies, near Revelstoke. The high-marking, while always dangerous, was done just days after warnings of high avalanche danger.

So, were the snowmobilers engaged in a form of extreme sports? The Rocky Mountain Outlook , reporting on a panel discussion held in Banff, doesn't say whether that question was addressed. But the panelists agreed that, by definition, extreme sports entail risks.

Will Gadd, an extreme ice climber and X-Games gold medalist, says he has counted more than 30 friends who have been lost to extreme pursuits over the years. He said those endeavours are indeed fun, but also risky. But child-bearing itself is also risky, given the high mortality rate of mothers.

Kyle McLaughlin, an emergency room physician, said he was concerned that the term "extreme sports" has been sensationalized. He pointed to ESPN and the X-Games as examples. "There is a counter-culture ambiance with this term," he said.

Should those engaged in risky activities be reined in? "Why do we think we can lay moral blame on people for being irrational?"


Reservoir to finally spill water

GRANBY, Colo. - The drought of the early 21 st century seems to have ended. The year started off dry but it was a wet, cool spring, and the reservoirs in Colorado have filled. At Granby Reservoir, located along the spine of the Continental Divide between Winter Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, water officials expected to spill water over the dam's spillway and into the incipient Colorado River. The last time the reservoir was full enough to require spilling extra water was in 2000, officials tell the Sky Hi Daily News .


Barbecuers must compost/recycle

FRISCO, Colo. - The Colorado Barbecue Challenge has been held in Frisco since 1993, but this year will have something new. The town will require all vendors to do without plastic utensils, plastic bowls and plates, Styrofoam and plastic beer cups.