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But Hampton also said that people will more likely be attacked by a neighbour's dog than a bear.


Vail couple get footnote on Everest

EDWARDS, Colo. -Brandon and Kristine Chalk have become the youngest American couple to summit Everest. He is 32, and she is 31. They have now climbed the highest peak on three of the world's seven continents, and they hope to climb all seven.

Money, though, is an issue. It cost $50,000 for the Everest trip, which they paid through cash presents from their wedding last October, as well as fundraisers, sponsorships and savings.

Brandon told the Vail Daily that they almost didn't go. "But who knows if you'll ever have the chance to do it again."

Of course, it wasn't easy. The climb tested not only their motivation and endurance, but also their relationship. "If we can survive this in our first year of marriage, then we can survive anything," Kristine said.

She also noted that the climb wasn't all of their own will-power. She credited the local Sherpa people who work as guides and porters. "Without the Sherpas, you couldn't do it," she said.


Tiny ranches with big price tags

JACKSON, Wyo. - Two ranch parcels that together total 102 acres will be sold at a live auction in mid-July - provided that the minimum bids of $15 million are received. The Jackson Hole News & Guide says that the asking price just a year ago was $47.4 million.

Why the big drop? Laura Brady, vice president of marketing for Concierge Auctions, told the newspaper that the seller was "not distressed and made a business decision to sell it this way."

The property includes a 10,000-square-foot main residence described as "castle-like" in promotional material, with materials imported from Europe used throughout its construction.


Cheap housing razed

KETCHUM, Idaho - Easy come, easy go. Bavarian Village in Ketchum was constructed in the early 1970s, and the units served their purpose, says landowner Dennis Hanggi. They always provided inexpensive housing.

But only four of the 17 units were occupied, and there was a reason why. Sometimes when he'd drive prospective renters for a look-see, they wouldn't even get out of the car, Hanggi told the Idaho Mountain Express .


1910 Big Blowup fires remembered

WHITEFISH, Mont. - In August, communities in Montana, Idaho and Washington will remember the great fires from a century ago, what is called the Big Blowup. It leveled forests, towns and homes, killing 85 people.

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