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Mountain News: Aspen expects 5-15% decline



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Time-share developer guilty of fraud

PARK CITY, Utah – Westgate Resorts, a time-share developer, has been found guilty by a jury in Utah of using fraudulent promotional come-ons to get people to visit the project. The visitors to the spa were promised free trips to Anaheim, Calif., worth $500, but the travel vouchers were nearly impossible to redeem. The Park Record says that attorneys for the Florida-based company claim that Westgate was being picked on and plan to appeal the $1 million judgment.


Boosters hope to re-tire

SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. – In Summit County, plans are afoot to remove some of the mud from mud season. Funds are being collected for artificial-turf fields built on a base of recycled tires at Summit County High School.

The most immediate savings will be in time. Currently, participants in lacrosse, soccer and other spring sports miss 26 hours of school while traveling to other venues, because those competitions cannot be held at the high school. Proponents tell the Summit Daily News that the field would also save eight million gallons of water annually while also diverting 30,000 tires away from landfills.

Fundraisers report they’re about halfway to the $1.25 million cost. If they succeed, replacement will be needed in 10 to 15 years, although at a lower cost.


Whole Foods to take more time

BASALT, Colo. – Lack of financing has idled construction of a Whole Foods Market at Basalt. The shell of the 44,000-square-foot building had been scheduled for June. Crews had excavated an underground parking garage and poured the concrete foundation before the project came to what The Aspen Times described as an abrupt halt. The newspaper said Whole Foods, a purveyor of organic food, has scrapped plans for eight stores but continues work on several others. The chain, however, is believed to be in relatively good shape, with a $425 million investment by a private equity firm further brightening prospects.