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Mountain News: Aspen expects 5-15% decline



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The Rocky Mountain News wanted to know if this conviction could provoke a change in the name of the arts centre.

"I don't know what we'll do," said Frampton, who is also managing partner of East West Partners, a real estate development firm. "I feel sure we'll talk about it, but we haven't had discussions yet."

Tony O’Rourke, executive director of the Beaver Creek Resort Co., said he believes that Vilar fulfilled his agreement, so the name should stay. But O’Rourke said he also believes it’s not up to the resort to pass judgment on people.

“They have to meet their makers, and it ain’t going to be us. We all make mistakes and the key is to forgive and forget,” O’Rourke told the newspaper.

In September, at the start of the trial, Vilar was interviewed by the New York Times at his 5,500-square-foot living room in New York City. In that interview, he lashed out at both government prosecutors, who he charged singled him out because of his high-profile philanthropy.

Vilar also said he felt recipients of his aid had turned their backs on him.

“The notion of presumed innocence doesn’t exist,” he added. “I’m disappointed to say that 99-point-X percent of people I knew haven’t had the decency to pick up the telephone and say anything, like, ‘My prayers are with you.’”


Empty storefronts a concern

KETCHUM, Idaho – Downtown Ketchum has plenty of empty storefronts, 30 altogether, according to a sidewalk tour by the Idaho Mountain Express.

The story is partly the national economy, but the broader causes are more complex and not necessarily of recent origin. Despite being the nation’s first destination ski resort, Sun Valley has actually lost tourism business through the decades. Other resorts, with better air connections and newer lodging, have gained as Sun Valley has lost.

But Ketchum has also lost residents. There are more part-timers, but the full-timers tend to live down-valley, in Hailey, Bellevue, or even Twin Falls.

As a result, retailers have a tough time of it. “Sales for the general retailer have been diminishing year-in and year-out probably for the last decade,” said George Kirk, of the Kirk Group. “I think a big contributing factor is a change in the nature of our economy coupled with the demographics shift.”