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Mountain News: Aron Ralston story goes to film



ASPEN, Colo. - It looks like former Aspen resident Aron Ralston's gruesomely fascinating story will make the big screen. Citing the entertainment-trade magazine Variety, the Aspen Times says that Slumdog Millionaire filmmaker Danny Boyle is set to make a movie of Ralston's tale of survival. Release is said to be scheduled for late 2010.

Ralston in 2002 had been making news in Aspen for his adventurous streak, which included skiing Colorado's 14,000-foot peaks during winter. Then, in May 2003, he burst on the international scene after he was discovered hiking out of a remote area of the canyon country of Utah, his arm sawed off below the elbow. He spent five days immobile in a canyon, his arm inextricably caught between two rocks. Finally, fearing death from thirst, he used a small knife to cut off his arm in order to remain alive.


Glimmers of better times

VAIL, Colo. - Some glimmers of recovery in the destination ski business are being detected in Vail. Advanced flight bookings for the winter have risen 4.5 per cent, compared to a 3 per cent decline last year. Lodging reservations recorded by the Vail Valley Partnerships are up 20 per cent from last year. However, Vail municipal officials tell the Vail Daily that lodging bookings they monitor are down for November, December and January. But despite the downhill slide, Vail officials figure the drop-off is nowhere as precipitous as it has been for many other resorts.


Airport no longer has a big dip

TELLURIDE, Colo. - Until this year, Telluride's airport had a 16-foot dip in the middle of the runway. Now, after $24 million in dirt moving, the runway is even, if still tilted.

With this change, more flights are expected into the airport, reports the Telluride Daily Planet . The current portal is in Montrose, well more than an hour away. "Economically, it's very important," said Rich Nuttall, the airport manager. "We are a resort town, and people like to fly right to their destination."

The federal government picked up the tab on most of the previous work, and the locals hope for continued largesse for another $35 million project at the airport.


Possession of marijuana decriminalized

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. - Voters in Breckenridge have voted to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana and paraphernalia. However, state laws still will apply. As well, the municipal code still bans the smoking of marijuana in public, use by minors, or driving under the influence.

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