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Mountain News: Albertans, residents trade barbs in Invermere



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Complicating the story are two other players, who are also involved in lawsuits. One of those protagonists owns a portion of the land used by The Canyons.


Telluride calls for impeachment

TELLURIDE, Colo. – To the surprise of exactly nobody, the Telluride Town Council has passed, on second reading, an ordinance calling for the impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

At issue was the question of whether the council would adopt the ordinance that had been submitted to it or send it to voters for resolution. That is the mechanism stipulated by the town charter. The general thinking was that the outcome was a foregone conclusion anyway, and in the meantime Telluride would have to endure the abuse of the Bush supporters.

Even one of the more conservative council members, Stu Fraser, said he was infuriated by the name-calling and threats against Telluride posted on the town’s website.

Perhaps the most interesting take on the debate came from Ed Quillen, a mountain town resident who writes a column for The Denver Post.

“What do we owe tourists, anyway? Service, but not servility,” he wrote. “We ought to make it clear that if people want to visit sanitized non-political little towns, they ought to stay out of our mountains and go to Main Street USA in Anaheim, Calif., where there are no citizens with opinions on the issues of the day, but instead just Disney employees in costume.”


New quads eyed

VAIL, Colo. – It was 22 years ago this November that high-speed detachable quad lifts débuted at Vail. Very few of the now old-fashioned fixed-grip lifts remain on the mountain, but one of those is Chair 5, located in Vail’s signature Back Bowls.

Lift lines there can be extraordinary on powder days. There has always been some grousing about the 45-minute waits. But others see the lift lines as an acceptable trade-off. Without them, the powder just gets skied off that much sooner.

“There’s nothing wrong with taking a little time on a chairlift to meet your neighbour,” says Howard Leavitt, a 32-year resident of the Vail area. “People are just so into instant gratification. That’s not what the sport is all about.”

But Vail Associates, the ski area operator, has now decided it’s time for change. The Vail Daily says the company hopes to get the old three-seater changed out with a four-seater quad within one to three years.