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Mountain bike festival to premiere RISE



What: RISE film premiere

Where: Garibaldi Lift Co.

When: Wednesday, July 16

Talk about a good name for a movie. RISE could mean the steady incline of the mountains some kamikaze bikers are willing to climb for their new full throttle sport. It could mean rising to the occasion, rising to a new level of ability, pushing yourself to greater heights. Or RISE could be equated to how fast the sport of mountain biking is taking off around the world.

The sport originated in the mid ‘80s, thanks to a select few daredevils willing to race stock bikes down steep roads in California. It’s a cousin to motorcross and BMX you could say.

Fast forward twenty years and it is officially one of most popular extreme sports, and trails are just barely keeping up with demand.

Mountain bikers share a common bond that transcends religious backgrounds, income levels, education and even riding style. It’s all about the simple love of riding and a new film produced by local mountain biking champion Ted Tempany and action sports photographer Warwick Patterson is all about that common thread.

Featuring World Cup stars trying to squeeze a tenth of a second

off their best time and after school rippers jumping a backyard road gap, RISE shows how mountain biking means something different to every rider.

The film has been in the works for six months, with scenes shot on location in South Africa, England, Scotland, New Zealand, California and, of course, Whistler and Squamish.

"We wanted to not only get footage of the World Cup in Fort Williams, which features the best of the best, but we wanted to show how amazing things can happen at the local level as well. Ted built a lot of the trails in and around Squamish, and a lot of the time you can go out and witness the same attitude, with amateurs pushing themselves to their own limits, just as you would see from the top athletes," said Patterson.

You won’t see so many crazy stunts and "what the?" type jumps in RISE, but you will see some inspiring footage and the no B.S. realities of the sport. "We really wanted to capture the feelings and emotions involved in committing to mountain biking," said Patterson.

For many riders, it’s a far cry from the glamour and money in other extreme sports, said pro mountain biker Tempany: "

Your whole life revolves around the sport. You’ll work night shifts to be able to ride all day and just be shattered by the end of it all. So many people live that lifestyle and so we wanted to expose the sport for what it really is," he said.

MTB Films and RISE invites you to catch all the nonstop action at the July 16 world premiere at the GLC.

The premiere is hosted by Zero Ceiling, a Whistler-based charity that brings disadvantaged youth from the city to the mountains to snowboard, mountain bike and partake in cool outdoor activities. Tickets will be $10. See www.whistlergravity.com or www.mtbfilms.com for more details.