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Mountain bike festival a success



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Although he won the junior category hands down, Beatty was still less than happy with his run. "I had a mechanical on the course, which took a lot of time off. I wanted to be in the top three or top five in the pros, I know I have the ability to do it," he said. His rear derailleur got caught in his spokes, and Beatty had to stop and rip it and his chain off.

"I don’t want to make excuses because that’s the way racing goes. It was my fault that my bike wasn’t dialed in, but at the same time it’s still kind of a bummer."

Beatty plans to train all winter, and next season hopes to compete in the U.S. NORBA racing series to get more exposure and maybe win some money. He will also race in the western Canada Cup races and B.C. Cup races wherever possible.

In total, 31 riders took part in the junior male race, and 28 finished.

Katie Neilson was only junior woman in the contest, crossing the finish line in 11:10.83.

Whistler’s Tyler Morland, who rides for Evolution, was the only racer of the day to break the six minute mark, finishing the course in 5:54.33. The 21-year-old was over nine seconds faster than the next rider, Eric Gross from the Cover Bike Shop, who posted a time of 6:05.49. Trevor Porter, also from Cove, was third in 6:06.49.

Whistler’s Dave Burch, riding for the Glacier Shop, finished fourth in 6:08:04.

In total, the pro men’s field included 24 riders.

In the pro women’s race, Whistler’s Katrina Strand, 26, blew away the competition with a time of 7:32.86. Barb Haley from Cove was second in 8:01.48, followed by Lisa Lefrot of North Shore Mountain Bike (NSMB) magazine in 8:22.39.

Whistler’s Tom Prochazka took the master 40 to 49 group with his time of 7:43.847. Marilyn Manso, another local, raced unopposed in the women’s 40 to 49 group and posted a time of 9:08.00.

Peter Morin was the oldest competitor at the age of 62, finishing in 8:15.46.

James Caski took the men’s 19 to 39 race, which had 70 entries, in 6:09.68. He was followed by Whistler’s Greg MacDonald in 6:38.75, and Graham Beatty in 6:39.66.

Amelia Colasurdo won the women’s 19 to 39 category in 7:36.14, followed by Kaz Boelema in 8:16.11 and Tonia Leronowich in 8:48.86.

The young rippers category for kids 13 and 14 went to Marcus Jaheny in 8:04.06. Rossco Sabiston was second in 8:09.06 and Kieran Maniflower third in 8:10.04.