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Mount Currie dogs finding homes



Stray dogs captured on the Mount Currie Indian reserve in late July are starting to find families to take them home.

The Mount Currie Band worked in concert with WAG and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) on July 28 and 29 to pick dogs up off the streets and take them to shelters in Whistler, Victoria and Sechelt.

WAG executive director Paula del Bosco told Pique last week that her shelter ended up with 17 while 22 other dogs were distributed between Victoria and Sechelt. The Victoria shelter is believed to have taken 17 dogs while the Sechelt facility is believed to have taken five.

She went on to say that WAG still has some puppies looking for families.

"One of the groups that came in was a litter of five puppies that don't have a mum, so the mum did not come with them," she said. "The volunteers and WAG staff have been bottle feeding them. They're doing really, really well.

Beyond that there are 3.5-month-old and 4.5-month-old puppies. The latter is in a foster-to-adopt program, meaning she's staying with a family and there's a possibility that the family will just adopt her at the end of her stay.

Other dogs staying at WAG include "Robbie the Rottweiler," described by del Bosco as a "beautiful dog" who's drawn a lot of interest from prospective families. Aside from Robbie, Jonathan and the puppies all the dogs that WAG helped pick up from Mount Currie have been adopted.

At least seven dogs were adopted from the Victoria shelter but it's possible that more have been picked up since then.

WAG didn't receive any more dogs by press time, but the Mount Currie Band has an arrangement whereby it can continue to drop off dogs there during business hours. WAG will then try to accommodate some of the dogs but will also send some to Victoria and Sechelt where the dogs can be adopted "very quickly," according to del Bosco. None have had to be put down.



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