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Motoring for music

Taking to the open road to raise money for music therapy



What: 7 th annual Canadian Music Therapy Ride

When: Saturday, Sept. 13, 1 p.m.

Where: GLC

Admission: $50 (includes dinner and live show)

Music lovers across the province are ready to get their motors running and head to Whistler for a good cause.

The 7 th annual Canadian Music Therapy Ride, which raises money for the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund, is being held this weekend.

Chris Duncombe (better known as simply Dunner), the program manager at CFOX, is one of the founding organizers of the event.

“Seven years ago, a bunch of us from different sides of the music business got together and decided to do an event in the west, leading off some events that were happening in the east from friends of ours in the music industry by creating this music therapy ride to help out the Music Therapy Trust Fund,” Dunner explained.

The fund supports music therapy programs for children, the elderly, and others in need, through assistance to organizations like the Vancouver Oral Centre for Deaf Children, Canuck Place, George Pearson Centre, B.C. Cancer Agency, and many other program that use music to promote, maintain and restore mental and physical health.

“I think that some people in the music industry are sometimes spoiled and we forget how important music is,” Dunner said. “There isn’t a break-up in the world that’s happened without music, there isn’t any song that doesn’t somehow represent some foundational moment in your life, and when you recognize the healing power that music has to someone who is in a situation that’s really bad off, if it’s a kid in a children’s hospital, music can be something that can move mountains for them.”

So, Dunner and his colleagues decided to use music to raise money for music.

“For us to be able to give back and take what we do for a living and provide it to people in ways that it’s therapeutic is central, and we owe it to them to do it,” he said.

Since a lot of their friends in the industry are also into motorcycles and hotrods, organizers decided to incorporate the powerful toys into their fundraising efforts, and the Canadian Music Therapy Ride was born.

“The music industry has so many different tentacles and so many people to get involved,” Dunner explained. “It’s a great opportunity for us to sort of reach out to all of the people we do business with during the year and a whole bunch of people who are fans of what the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund does, and get them involved and unified on one cause for the year.”