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More than 200 make Cheakamus Crossing deposits



More than 200 people have put second deposits down on their new homes at Cheakamus Crossing, despite concerns of the neighbouring asphalt plant.

Of the 14 potential homeowners who dropped out this week (the second deposit was due on Tuesday, Dec. 8), none said they were withdrawing because of the proximity of the plant, according to Joe Redmond, president of the Whistler 2020 Development Corp.

"What was interesting was the people who were concerned about the asphalt plant, all of those people did make their second deposit," said Redmond.

Some, however, included letters that said they were making the deposit without prejudice and to their rights associated with the disclosure statement.

Those letters do not make their contracts any less binding than those without letters, said Redmond.

"Under the terms of the contract they have that right in any case," he explained.

"If they don't feel at any time that we have performed under the conditions of the disclosure statement, they can take an action."

The disclosure statement highlighted the operation of an asphalt plant and quarry next to the neighbourhood.

Residents began lobbying for the removal of the asphalt plant about six weeks ago when they realized how close it operated to the homes and how it may affect their quality of life.

Council has since pledged to have it moved by June 1, 2010, though the plant owner has said that date is not achievable.

Residents are expected to move in to the neighbourhood in the fall, after the units have been retrofit from their current use as an athletes' village for the 2010 Winter Games.