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MOMAR conquers The Chief

More challenging adventure race puts competitors to the test



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In solo female Sarah Seads of Courtenay was first in 6:31:18, followed by Rua Read and Meghan Thompson of Garibaldi Highlands in 6:43:18 and 7:33:15 respectively.

In the Team of Two Co-ed category, Donna MacIntosh and Brian Steeves of North Vancouver were first in 7:08:29.

Beauty and The Beyatch of Seattle won the Team of Two Female race in 7:50:19, followed by Ste It Up Princess of Garibaldi Highlands (Kim Stegeman and Kate Drew in 7:52:11, and Squamish's Shammers (Shannon Collier and Pam Skeans) in 6:52:11.

In the Team of Two Male category, the ironically-named 2 Slow team (Whistler's Kevin Hodder and L.J. Wilson of Squamish) placed first in 5:45:12, more than six minutes ahead of MOMAR/Make-A-Wish, and Innovative Fitness.

Hodder says they were genuinely surprised to get to the finish and find themselves in first.

"It was the first MOMAR we've done, and it was definitely tougher than the impression I had, or that it had historically been," he said. "In a lot of ways it was better and tougher than I thought the course was going to be."

While Hodder and his teammate have been involved in adventure racing for a long time - both were involved in staging the Eco Challenge Adventure Race out of Whistler in the early days - it was the first race for both athletes.

"We knew how it worked, I'm an ACMG (Associaiton of Canadian Mountain Guides) guide, LJ was the whitewater lead coordinator on Eco Challenge... but this was the first time we put it to the test."

Hodder says they worked well together and generally kept up with each other on the trail. LJ had an edge on some of the technical mountain bike sections which Hodder was riding for the first time, but otherwise everything went smoothly.

"We've known each other forever, and are great friends. And we went in with the expectation of not winning it, so we never had the stress of those expectations weighing on us," he said.

Hodder said that they have been inspired to do more races, and are considering the next MOMAR race on Vancouver Island at the end of the summer.

In the Team of Four Co-Ed category, Team Helly Hansen Vancouver Island - comprised of experienced adventure racers - placed first in 5:28:09, almost two hours ahead of their competition. Disimpaction was second in 7:24:26, and Team Inbalance third in 7:53:54.