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Moe Joe’s closing for renovations, re-opening with Last Call

One of Whistler’s most consistent night clubs, Moe Joe’s, is closing down for renovations and will re-open in a week with a new house band – Last Call.



The Whole Damn County, which later morphed into Leth Dodis, have been the Friday night host bands at Moe Joe’s for the past five years but changes have been forced because several band members are leaving town.

Jason Bonnell, a veteran of the Whistler music scene, who has also played with Whole Damn County and Leth Dodis, will lead Last Call.

Moe Joe’s will close the doors on Sept. 26 and open again with Last Call on Oct. 1.

One of the managers at Moe Joe’s, Kenny Shook, said the bar needed a band that could play anything.

"Pete Couillard has been in our host bands for five years, Whole Damn County (which then became Leth Dodis when they lost one band member) and Leth Dodis, but Dodis are breaking up because Couillard and, I think, two of the band members are moving to Toronto," said Shook.

"Jay the last band member, has made his own band and it’s going to be called Last Call and they’re going to be our host band for the winter time.

"We were looking for new age rock, but still a band that could play just about anything.

"We want a band on Friday nights that if someone requests something on Fridays, they could do it."