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mitchell runs

Mitchell not giving away any election secrets David Mitchell will be seeking re-election for the West-Vancouver Garibaldi riding in the next provincial election, but he won't say under what banner. Speaking at a Valentine's Day luncheon meeting of the Whistler Rotary Club, Independent MLA Mitchell said he doesn't expect the Harcourt NDP government to call an election in 1995 because of their poor standing in public opinion polls, but when they do he'll be ready. "I think the constituents of West Vancouver-Garibaldi have been very supportive of me over the past two years since I became an independent member of the legislature," Mitchell said. He said his feeling is local constituents are not so much worried about having a political party represent them, as a politician who is going to represent their interests in Victoria. "I am going to have a big decision to make on the eve of the election and I am looking for input from constituents prior to making that decision," Mitchell said.