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Mitch Rhodes


Campaign Slogan: I Am Accountable to You

Age: 45

Occupation: Chartered Accountant/Writer

Volunteerism: Treasurer of the Whistler Health Care Foundation, President of the Association of Whistler Area Residents for the Environment (AWARE), board member for the Whistler Centre for Sustainability

Skier, boarder, golfer

Other Hobbies: Hiking and camping

Web site:

Last book read: Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

Why are you running for council?

I had an interest in running for council probably a year ago. When I talked to different councillors, because I do have dealings with them on various capacities in my volunteer jobs and I’m always familiar with the issues, I would ask them what it was like to be on council. I thought that with my ability to listen well, along with my professional capabilities and my personal capabilities, I might be a good person who could sit on one of the council spots. My sphere of interest is quite wide. I’m not really a one issue or one sector candidate because of my professional designation as a chartered accountant, my dealings with the environment, my interaction with health case and my personal interest in the arts. Besides that I think it would be energizing to assist in setting the direction of such a vibrant community.

What are the major accomplishments/failures of council since the last election?

Undertaking major initiatives such as the Olympics and Whistler. It’s Our Nature has been council’s major accomplishment but the process of engaging the community on those major initiatives has been ineffective and even detrimental and that’s been council’s greatest failure. So it’s not so much what they take on, it’s how they go about it. What they take on is quite good and encouraging. One example is the Olympic bid.

People against the Olympics are at 35 per cent and I think a lot of that is because of the way the community has been engaged. We didn’t have input on the legacies, they were just presented to us. I think that if we could realistically address those Olympic concerns and have some assurances around them, then support for the bid could actually go up. I think if the bid was in the community or if the municipality was forced to take the idea to a public vote then the bid would be that much better.

Likewise, the World Economic Forum was, I believe, a real opportunity to engage the community in a certain way and it wasn’t done and that’s why we ended up with that really high profile meeting with the community just enraged. That could have been avoided.

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