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Mission man offers ecstasy to plainclothes officers



A pair of plainclothes police officers in Whistler Village made an easy collar for trafficking and possession of a controlled substance just before midnight on Nov. 20, after a male offered to sell them MDMA — the drug known as ecstasy, "M," or "E."

According to the RCMP, the officers were patrolling the village when they noticed a woman walking in heels stagger sideways and fall over. She was helped to her feet by a male, and then the pair sat on a stone wall where they were approached by two other men. They made what appeared to be a hand-to-hand transaction with those men, who then walked away.

Concerned that the female was intoxicated and may not know the man, the officers spoke to them and were satisfied that they did know each other. The male also told them that the female had taken too much "M."

The undercover officers may have left it at that, but as they were walking away the male pulled out a bag filled with smaller bags containing blue capsules, which he said was MDMA. He then offered to sell some to the officers, who arrested him for trafficking a controlled substance. They later searched the suspect, and found another drug they believe to be GHB.

The female was taken to the Whistler Health Care Centre for observation, while the male — a 28-year-old from Mission residing in Whistler — is facing charges for trafficking and possession.

Male arrested for breach of parole

A 42-year-old Mt. Currie man is facing charges for breaching a probation condition not to consume alcohol after he was picked up by police just after 8:30 p.m. on Nov. 20.

According to the RCMP, they received a call from a woman who recognized the man on the bus, and called police because she believed he was wanted for sex assault. The RCMP investigated, and found the male hitchhiking at the intersection of Function Junction and Highway 99.

He was not wanted for a sex assault but was on probation after being arrested in Victoria and found guilty of assault and breach of conditions in October. The male was arrested for breach.

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