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Whistler Millennium Place is offering a unique donor recognition program that will place art on display both inside and on the grounds of The Millennium Place. This collection will combine a wide range of artists, sizes, and mediums. It is expected to touch each of the many diverse people who will be visiting Whistler Millennium Place. The Whistler Public Art Committee has been invited to handle the jury selection and help to create and distribute the artist's prospectus. We are pleased that Paula Campbell has agreed to organize and head up this art donation program. She has stated that: "We feel that the response from artists, local as well as those farther afield, will be overwhelming as this is such an important and high profile community project." We expect to get a strong response from prospective donors. It will give corporations and individuals who are patrons of the arts the opportunity to support not only the arts, but also support Whistler's Community Millennium Project.

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