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Melamed finds fault with non-cost housing initiatives



In the final hour of Monday’s marathon meeting Councillor Ken Melamed withdrew his support of the municipality’s non-cost housing initiatives, saying the bylaws did not give the municipality enough power.

"This can’t be the standard because it’s going forward on the weakest foot," said Melamed.

"It is with great regret that I have to vote against this. Too much of this is based on the assumption that the suites will be rented. I can’t move forward on a false assumption."

Municipal staff and a public task force developed the non-cost housing initiatives earlier this year to stop the ever-quickening erosion of employee suites in the resort.

Melamed’s concern is that the non-coast initiatives will allow homeowners to create employee suites but the municipality will have no assurances that these suites will in turn be rented to employees.

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