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Round two of the Whistler Community Forum is set to go as Whistler residents get set to chart a course for the future. Health officials, teachers, doctors, town planners, home makers and one municipal councillor showed up at the first Whistler Community Forum in early March. April 27 they will return to the second meeting at the Tantalus Lodge at 7 p.m. with questions in their hands and ideas in their heads. Designed to gather community solutions to community issues, the Whistler Community Forum has created a number of groups with action plans that are well underway. Following the last meeting a number of the groups took their action plans into Whistler and are ready for the next step. At the meeting the Whistler Health Council will be formed. The council will act as a steering committee for the Healthy Communities Initiatives Project which will maintain the action groups and facilitate quarterly meetings of the groups. The aim of the action groups is to establish a grassroots relationship with municipal council. Georgann Cope-Watson, Whistler's Healthy Communities Co-ordinator, says action groups will be reporting back to the forum with news on issues that were identified as high priority at the first meeting. Some of the early issues targeted are: affordable housing, child care, bears and the Youth Ad Hoc Committee.

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