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Meeting on village violence viewed as a positive step


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"They are there to assist bars and staff in dealing with changes (to the provincial liquor laws), deal with problem clientele and other situations, and help with training," Haider explains.

As far as the village patrols go, Haider says the RCMP is not making any changes as a result of the meeting.

"We will continue to take a proactive approach, keeping a high visibility and patrolling the bars," he said.

As for the suggestion that there should be a police presence at the taxi loop, Haider says members can and do patrol the area any time they can, and do have a presence in the area on busy weekends "providing we don’t have higher priorities. If there is a serious incident, our people will be drawn away.

"We cannot place people to act as doormen at bars, or have them standing by playing taxi host," said Haider.

According to Haider, this year is really no different from last year. The only change is that the people arrested or ticketed in the village are getting younger every year.

"I am encouraged that (stakeholders) are taking a positive approach here, but if we don’t all work together it’s going to be difficult for one segment to deal with problems in the village. We have to do that together," he said.

Staff from most of the clubs also attended the meeting.

"I was definitely encouraged at the number of people who were there," said Job Tischuk, general manager of Tommy Africa’s.

He wants to see swift action on some of the issues discussed to ensure the safety of the village.

"I would like to see a little faster movement on all the things we have discussed," said Tischuk.

One item he would like to see implemented right away is the introduction of multiple taxi stands.

Right now people file out of clubs at 2 a.m. and congregate at the taxi loop, which is practically on Tommy’s doorstep.

"Just having that one location is causing huge problems," said Tischuk.

"That is where you consistently have problems and can end up with violent situations.

"So to have different locations for all the clubs would be fantastic."

Tischuk said there was even mention of having a locals-only taxi stand.

Tommy’s is working on a plan to move its front entrance to the village-side of its location for security reasons. Patrons and staff alike got quite a shake-up last month when Tommy’s doormen realized a youth trying to get into the bar had a gun.