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meager creek

Three scenarios for the Meager Creek Hot Springs are being contemplated following public input at recent meetings in Pemberton, Squamish and North Vancouver. Scenario 1: Return the site to its natural state, removing all structures and modifications, and manage it as a geological feature on a day-use basis. Scenario 2: Modify the site to comply with Health Act regulations and instituted staff supervision as well as a user fee, or lease the site to a commercial operator. This scenario would include the design of a "flow-through" pool system and other improvements that would have minimal site impact. The cost is estimated at $100,000. Scenario 3: Modify the site to comply with Health Act regulations and invite proposals for commercial private development. This scenario would mean changes in pool design, adding amenities such as a change room/washroom facility, waste-water treatment plant for chlorination/dechlorination processes, a support building and on-site power generation. The cost is estimated at between $350,000 and $700,000. More than 220 people attended meetings on the hot springs organized by the Squamish Forest District. As a result of public comments the forest district will be undertaking a detailed hydrology study of the recreation site. A hydro-geologist will measure the flow volume and temperature of each original hot water source, map the flow distribution through the site, and conduct a comprehensive pattern of water quality tests. The test results should be included in a report presented in late September.