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Meager Creek road closed


The Squamish Forest District has closed the Meager Creek forest service road due to concerns about potential landslides.

Hot weather has caused rapid melting of glaciers in the area, which can lead to landslides. The Ministry of Forests announced the closure on July 26.

The Ministry of Forests commissioned a major study of the geological hazards of the area after a series of serious landslides at Capricorn Creek in 1998 and 1999. The study provides the ministry with a system to assess the need for temporary road closures.

In addition to the road closure measures include restricting access to Meager Creek hot springs, and the closure of a staffed gate at the Lillooet River bridge crossing at the 37-kilometre mark on the Lillooet forest service road.

For possible future closures of the Meager Creek road, please call the Squamish forest district at 604-898-2100 or check current road information on the district Web site at online.