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McIntosh manslaughter case adjourned until next month



Widow hoped for a plea

Katy Hutchinson travelled to Squamish Wednesday in the hopes of hearing a plea from a man charged in the death of her former husband.

"It would be great," she said outside of court.

"It would save us the heartache of going through a trial."

Although the accused, Ryan Aldridge, 25, was expected to enter a plea the case against him was adjourned to Sept. 5 as discussions between crown and defence lawyers continue.

The Squamish resident was charged in June with manslaughter in the 1997 death of popular lawyer Bob McIntosh.

The lawyer was killed on New Year’s Eve when he went to check on a party thrown by then 19-year-old James Cudmore, the son of McIntosh’s friend Dr. Richard Cudmore.

Since the death a code of silence has surrounded the incident.

But according to Aldridge’s lawyer, Michael Mines, the code is unravelling as the crown gets ready to lay more charges.

"I understand from (the crown) that another arrest may be contemplated or may be happening and that possibly could affect what Mr. Aldridge does," he said Wednesday.

"I have to read further particulars with respect to that. That is what I am waiting for right now.

"I am speaking with the crown about what the plea would be and all of that is unfolding. I am waiting to hear about this possible further arrest."

Geoff Gaul of the Attorney General’s ministry said information about the advance warning of charges is never released.