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Mayoralty candidates trade blame for past actions

Sparks fly amongst contenders



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Wells addressed the perception of a two-man horse race in this election between Melamed and Nebbeling for mayor.

"This election has been referred by some as a horse race," she said in her closing arguments. "You know what? I’m proud right now not to be called one of the horses.

"In a horse race there are no sure bets. It’s all about playing your odds. Our community cannot afford this kind of risk. Don’t take a gamble."

Wells encouraged the crowd not to vote strategically to prevent another candidate from getting in, and not to vote loyally for friends or as payback for past favours. Instead she encouraged Whistler to vote for what they want.

"To get what we want you each have to make the right choice for the right reasons," she said. "I am that choice."

Most of the debate and questions from the audience were directed to incumbents, Councillors Melamed, Davies and Wells, along with Nebbeling.

The three newcomers to politics, Stacy Kohut, Mike Brew and Brian Walker, were not drawn into the critique over past actions. Indeed Kohut pointed out that they come with no baggage.

"Fresh blood is fresh blood," he said. "I am fresh blood."

Judging by the audience questions, affordable resident housing is top of mind on the list of things to accomplish in the coming years.

The polls open at 8 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 19. They will be open until 8 p.m. The new mayor and council, barring any unforeseen problems, should be announced within an hour and a half of the polls closing.