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What they own By Chris Woodall Nomination papers filed by Whistler mayoral candidates show there are no gold kings or real estate tycoons among them. Candidates for public office must file a document with municipal hall declaring their financial holdings and obligations. The form includes space to list assets, liabilities, sources of income, real property ownership, and a declaration of companies owned at least 30 per cent by the candidate or his or her family. The information lets candidates make early declaration of potential conflicts of interest, not a small consideration given the power of council to decide who builds what, and where. Anyone can see the nomination papers, but must sign a form stating that the information gathered must be used in conjunction with the election and for no other purposes. Pique newsmagazine’s investigation of the mayoral candidate nomination papers revealed that Whistler’s choices for mayor are a drab lot. The only question mark was Max Kirkpatrick’s insufficient information for his declaration of percentage ownership in a company. A candidate is to reveal where ever he, his spouse, his children, sister, mother or father own at least 30 per cent of the shares of a company. The candidate is also supposed to include where that company is located and/or a description of the land it sits on, what kind of business it does, and who the major creditors are. Had anyone decided to take issue with that lapse, he or she could have challenged the validity of Kirkpatrick to be a candidate. But challenges had to be filed by Oct. 18. In Kirkpatrick’s case, because no one complained he remains an eligible candidate. In the words of deputy elections officer Linda Manheim when told of the omissions: "They’ve been accepted as they are." In any case, the lack of information was a slip of the pen, Kirkpatrick says. He quickly provided the missing information to Pique newsmagazine when contacted. Here then, are what Whistler’s candidates for mayor have on their financial plates: Helmut Banka — Assets (List of names of companies): Nil Liabilities (List of creditors to whom you owe a debt, but not small stuff like credit cards): Nil Income (Businesses and organizations from which you receive financial remuneration as an owner, part-owner, employee, partner or other): "Nil, currently disabled" Real Property: Nil Shares (owned by the individual or spouse, their children, individual’s sister, brother, mother, father in a company that total more than 30 per cent of the votes for electing directors): No Thelma Johnstone — Assets: Breton Woods Development Corp. Liabilities: Revenue Canada Income: Employee of Chamber of Commerce Real Property: "N/A" (not applicable) Shares: No Max Kirkpatrick — Assets: Western Rainbow Rentals Ltd.; Whistler Rainbow Tool Co.; Tass Resources Inc. Liabilities: "ø" Income: President, Tass Resources Inc. Real Property: "N/A" Shares: Yes: Western Rainbow Rentals, Whistler, 100% owned; Whistler Rainbow Tool Co., Whistler, 100% owned, a shell (non-functioning) company; Tass Resources Inc., Whistler, co-owned by Kirkpatrick and wife; holding company for Budget Rent A Car operations. (Paul) Gregory Lee — Assets: "ø" Liabilities: "ø" Income: Director, Canadian Alpine Ski Team; realtor, Sussex Group, Northface Realty; director, Wayne Wong & Friends Summer Ski Camp; director, Greg Lee International Ski Camps Real Property: "N/A" Shares: No Hugh O’Reilly — Assets: Blackcomb Chimney Patrol Ltd Liabilities: "N/A" Income: Owner/president, Blackcomb Chimney Patrol Ltd.; partner, Chalet Gold Inn Bear Real Property: "N/A" Shares: No

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