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may day winners

May Days Winners The following people participated in the May Days Pique Passport stamp contest and were rewarded with several prizes donated by merchants from Whistler. Susan Jacobs, a two-year Whistler resident, won the $2,000 Grand Prize pack, which included a Whistler/Blackcomb season’s pass. Michelle Rideout, a two-year Whistler resident, was the winner of the $1,500 Luxury Package, which included a Whistler flight seeing trip courtesy of Whistler Air Services. Sara Bayliff, an 11-year Whistler resident, won the $700 Party Package, which included a private party for 10 friends at Mountain World. Robbie Murray, a 9-year-old born and raised in Whistler, won the $500 indulgence package, which includes one free Rocky Mountain Chocolate ice cream cone every week for the summer and an ATV Tour with Outdoor Adventures @ Whistler. Wanda Trussler of Whistler won the $1,000 Labatt Concert Package, which includes a concert of her choice in Vancouver and limousine service for the night. An especially rewarding experience occurred at Keir Jewellery in Whistler Village as part of the in-store draws throughout the valley when six-year Whistler resident Joan Swain, who recently became engaged, pulled a $1,000 diamond out of a mini-sandbox.