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Maxx Fish just about ready to re-open



One of Whistler’s best night spots is about to reopen, but the management of Maxx Fish is hesitant to set an exact date.

There had been some speculation that the popular club would be closed permanently but Maxx Fish general manager Alistair Knox refuted any such claims.

Knox said the nightclub was tentatively set to reopen Friday, Dec. 12, but he stressed that the opening date could change.

"It’s going to be tough to get the club up and running by Friday; you know, it’s really going to take a big push on our behalf, so we’re just trying to be careful about saying when we might open," Knox said.

"We’re trying to get it open next Friday and Saturday, then we will close Monday and Tuesday and reopen Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

"From then on we should be open seven days a week."

While there has been extensive work carried out on the club, Knox wanted to make it clear that there had been no major visible renovations done to the establishment.

"We don’t want to even use the word renovation," he said.

"My biggest fear is that the locals are going to come back here thinking we’ve been doing some major renovations.

"They’re not going to notice a difference in the club at all, the work has been for business purposes only."

Knox said the work on the club had been done so the owner could install a new keg and liquor room, which would supply all of his businesses around the centre of Whistler Village Square.

If Maxx Fish does reopen today, Knox said guests should expect to hear a local DJ and possibly a live band.