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What's that? That was before the Olympics? Oh yeah, right. Whatever. It still wasn't important. No one around the hall cared.

But all that doesn't answer the question. Why, once again, did OUR municipal employees, elected or not, do such a slipshod job of being open, honest and thorough in revealing important information? Hiding the ball always backfires on them. Whether hubris or dumb pigheadedness, their actions fall far below the level of service we expect of, well, everyone else who works in Whistler.

The Chamber, Tourism Whistler, Whistler Blackcomb and, yes, even muni hall preach the gospel of world-class service. Well, if the muni were a waiter and this incident was indicative of their service it'd kinda be like having your waiter dump soup in your lap, bring you cold food, never fill your water glass and seduce your daughter while ogling your wife's cleavage... and then complain you weren't leaving a big enough tip.

As for the legal rationale for not booting the illegal plant the hell out of town? Who knows? It's secret. But I suspect it may have something to do with the municipality, any level of government for that matter, being about as sympathetic a party to a legal action as BP. We'd go into court with a target on our front and back.

And yet, they wonder why the public is angry with them and holds them in such low regard.