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Maxed out

Party on, Grant



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Talk to Michele, Stuffy, she gets it. She understands - or at least claims to, yeah, I know, it's her job - how great it would be to have us come together and celebrate again, to reflect on how great we were, er, it was. Dude, we have to keep that spirit alive.

Look, we've got three weeks until the World Ski and Snowboard Festival rolls into town. Three weeks! Plus the rest of this week. Hell, if we don't get down and party before then we might be starting to forget what cool people we are. If we don't take this opportunity to get together and pat each other on the back, bask in our collective glory, reinforce our new, supercharged world-classiness, we'll... we'll... I don't know what but I'm pretty sure we'll take such a collective blow to our shared self-esteem that the only growth industry in town will be crisis counseling.

I really think you need to get with the program, Grant. Maybe we should get a few of your close friends together for a little intervention before you stray too far from the righteous course. Jeez, I'll bet you even made an RSP contribution this year. You're gettin' old, dude. Gettin' old.