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If you've got that kind of pull, hell, you can get just about anything done... as long as it's not something really important to the future of the country, like repairing a democracy under siege.


Dear Max:

I don't know what happened on Monday but I've suddenly noticed a constant parade of big, diesel-spewing trucks carrying load after load of snow down to a spot by the railroad tracks on Westside Road. What gives?


Dear Snowed:

These will be the greenest Olympic games ever! Snow's white, not green. It's got to go. After all, VANOC will need some place to park the thousands of busses bringing gawkers to see the circus and, having spent all this money to up the Whistler Standard to the new, improved Whistler Olympic Standard, it wouldn't be fitting to have a big mountain of snow in the only unpaved parking lot. How gauche. Just be thankful they're not using big, greenhouse gas spewing machines to melt it. Oh... forget that last sentence.


Dear Max:

Where can I park during the Olympics?

Searching Out Spots

Dear SOS: