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Maxed out

Corporate piracy unearthed with buried treasure



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Out of respect for artists, okay out of fear of prosecution, I still resisted blatant piracy. Until I tried to be legit and ran headlong into the stonewall of modern corporate music. Trying to purchase a display license last January to show a Pink Floyd DVD to raise funds for a local charity, a company who shall remain nameless - Hint: their initials are Sony/BMG - so thoroughly pissed me off with their runaround, indifference and ultimate denial that I abandoned my last redoubt of decency and embraced my inner pirate.

Not longingly though. The whole idiocy of record companies bringing million dollar suits against pimply teens who share music is annoyingly scary. Especially when they win. They say justice is blind. What they don't generally say is she's deaf, stupid and frequently in the back pocket of the men with bags of money, hearts of stone and ethics that'd make old-timey pirates shudder in revulsion. In other words, music companies.

So I bob along the seven seas occasionally wetting my toes in the music of some new artist I hope will keep me from sliding into the quagmire of old farts listening exclusively to ancient music. Hell, sometimes I even buy what I find I like.

Yes I am a pirate too, Jimmy. But I still don't like the word.