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But hey, why quibble. Clearly there is a higher purpose to this legalistic dodge. Ken and Bill are trying to save us from the paradox of thrift and make sure we don't embarrass ourselves before the Whole World when the Olympics come to town next year.

And that's when the true genius of their plan kicked in. Taking a page from the Obama team's go-big-or-go-home playbook, they jumped in with Phase II of their anti-recessionary strategy. Not only were they going to make sure there was a core of well-paid, job-secure consumers, they were going to buy them nifty new Arc'teryx jackets and Olympic tickets as well. Masterful! Brilliant! Downright Machiavellian ! And to soften us up for this, they had both a telephone survey and a blue-ribbon panel report to support their plan.

So, to you 310 people, I don't know what you possibly have to complain about. In fact, I think you owe me an apology. No, I wasn't smart enough to think so far ahead and clearly didn't have the insight to understand Kenny's comments during the campaign about fiscal responsibility actually meant saving us from our wrong-headed attempt to save money, but it's the results that count, isn't it?

Now if I could only get rid of this nagging concern that they may actually be wrong. But what are the odds? And it's not like they won't be around to shoulder the blame if everything goes south and the oft-spent hotel tax takes a nosedive. I mean, Kenny's going to run again, isn't he? And Bill's not really going to retire after the Olympics, is he? And neither of them are studying for their real estate license, are they?