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The 2008 Maxies



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Killed Him a B’ar When He Was Only Twenty-Four : Little Andy Robertson celebrated Wildlife Month last May by pulling over to the side of the road in Alpine Meadows, whipping out his daddy’s .12 gauge and blowing away a bear cub the kids at Whistler Secondary had more or less adopted. Andy, if life were like Survivor — I’m sure you’re a fan — your ass would be voted off the planet.

Birds Do It, Bees Do It : But if the Get Bear Smart Society had its way, Jeanie and her educated fleas wouldn’t get to do it no mo’. Here’s the logic: Babies drive Jeanie to eat garbage. If we sterilize Jeanie, she won’t eat garbage. QED. All men are Socrates, dude. I think maybe we ought to be sterilizing the mental incompetents who can’t seem to deal with bear-proofing their garbage.

Best Patio… For Now : Isn’t it always Citta’s? Will it still be if Citta’s becomes another link in the Cactus Club’s chain? Will more money get Caleb into heaven? Whistler needs more funky ski bars, not more chain restaurants. Do the right thing.

Best New Eats : In keeping with the times, both are easy on your personal economy. Quinny’s if you’re villagebound and — finally — the long-awaited new home of award-winning REAL barbeque: BBQ Bob’s at Rolands in Creekside. Mmmm… brisket.



Timing is Everything : Early in the new year, the farsighted government of British Columbia eliminated mandatory retirement. By year’s end, anyone turning 65 and lucky enough to still have a job was watching their retirement nest egg vanish and pondering Freedom 85! You want fries with that?

Okay, I Guess it is Your Tea Party : Four new councillors and two leftovers draw a line in the sand and tell the mayor and staff there’s no way they’ll leave decisions over TCUPs requested by VANOC up to staff. Quick Watson, another round of Kool-Aid.

Pave Paradise… Okay, Pave a Swamp : B.C. Transit moves at lightning speed while council moves like treacle in January and another bit of wetland is paved over forever. Aw screw ’em, they were mostly amphibians anyway.