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Closer to home, we seem to be able to build a world class resort, but it’s becoming pretty clear we’re not entirely sure how to sustain one. Despite our commitment to sustainability, actually making progress on many of the key metrics of sustainability seems elusive. We seem perfectly capable of envisioning and even building infrastructure we deem desirable, but we seem to be losing the battle to find ways to afford to maintain it and keep our happy mountain home affordable.

What’s happening here, on a very small scale, is accelerating out of control everywhere else. B.C.’s Premier is lauded for taking baby steps on the environment — a carbon tax — while Alberta’s Premier prefers to reap the financial benefits of a rape and pillage policy on oil and gas while putting any serious environmental concerns off for another half century.

If this seems overly pessimistic, it’s not meant to be. I’m pretty comfortable with the notion mankind is just the latest incarnation of the dinosaur. My Perfect Partner counters my assertion about UFOs by arguing highly-intelligent life may evolve differently on other planets.

Ironically, I believe that’s my point.